Ma'di (Zoka Rainforest, Uganda)

Zoka Actions

Let’s make sure the authorities in Uganda and the embassies hear our plea for action. Check all the boxes on this page and share with your friends and wherever you can
Petition ✍️
Email storm ✉️
Click to pull up an email template, and customize the message to what you want to say! Say why protecting this forest is important to you and the Ma’di people.
The local authorities
The first two authorities are Ugandan governmental organizations inn charge of enforcing the decree banning the illegal logging. Urge them to act.
The Embassies
China and Vietnam can stop the import of these illegal logs to their countries, and the US and EU can provide more support to stop the cartels in Uganda. Urge them to do this.
Twitter storm🐦
Just click and tweet!! Some of these messages are over the limit so customize what you want said in them!!
Urge China to stop the import of the illegal logs from Zoka
Urge the United States and the EU to support the Ugandan defenders and help bring pressure to stop the destruction of the forest
Cyber storm ⛈️
Comment on the latest Facebook and Instagram posts of the Ugandan authorities and the embassies to Uganda!! There aren’t too many comments so if we flood their page with unique comments they will see our voices
Ministry of Water and Environment
Example comment: Even if this day action was postponed, we plead to you to immediately stop the illegal tree felling in the Zoka rainforest located in northern Uganda and to cease the illegal charcoal and logging trade trafficking trees to Kampala and all other countries including China. Please ensure that all the communities that have been harmed are protected from further abuse.
Uganda People's Defence Force
Example comment: Thanks for taking this step, but you need to be the protectors of the Moyo and Adjumani districts and the people of the Zoka forest not the facilitators and the perpetrators of Zoka’s destruction #SaveZoka

Uganda National Forestry Authority
Example comment: Why are more of these funds not going towards protecting the Zoka Forest? We can’t make the Ma’di people defend the forest themselves from loggers. Please increase funding of the Environmental Police and direct its attention to the logging crisis in Zoka!
European Union delegation to Uganda
Example comment: There’s a reason land defenders in Northern Uganda have these problems, the Zoka forest, the only rainforest in northern Uganda, is being destroyed before our eyes by illegal loggers! We stand with the Ma’di people and plead that the EU delegation helps stop this ecocide.

Chinese Embassy to Uganda
Example comment: Thank you for fighting help COVID-19, but Uganda cannot consider calling China a friend until the threatened trees of Zoka rainforest are no longer exported to China. 90% of the logs from the illegal trafficking of these threatened Afzelia Africana and Shea Nut Trees are exported to China by cartels. Please stop this ecocide and build a true partnership with Uganda.
Digital protest 🖌️
Create a #DigitalProtest (aka #DigitalStrike or #ClimateStrikeOnline), use #SaveZoka, and tag!! Make sure to promote the links in your bio and get your friends to do it
Share share share!! ⬇️
🔗 is the link to this toolkit! Share it with everyone you know. Each email the Ugandan authorities and embassies get, each tweet, each comment is one step closer to victory, to them allocating the funds and attention to crack the illegal logging cartel.

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