Sub-Saharan Africa

The Ljaw

Background info
People living in Niger Delta inhabiting many regions of the state face the constant struggle over the loss of their homeland and their own lives due to the oil companies. Ljaw called for companies to stop operation on their land and pledged to protest peacefully. They began their campaign of prayer and peaceful protest in 1998. By December they were 15,000 Nigerian troops in the state ready to attack the youths that were protesting by singing and dancing. They were met with open fire and tear gas killing at least three protesters and arresting at least 25 more. As this went on more activists were brutally killed and the government declared it in a state of emergency. Instead of any help the community received curfews, a ban on meetings, raids, beatings and rape. Anyone that tried to hold a conversation with soldiers was shot. 62 people stayed missing for months after the attacks on villages while the soldiers took turns at burning the villages to the ground.
Even with all the trauma, the Ljaw managed to disrupt oil pipelines, but not enough.
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