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Tau't Batu - Pala'wan (in the Philippines)

Background info

In early 2016, two major agribusiness companies (, and ) began the clearing of parcels of land found within the ancestral domain of the Pala’wan of Barangay Ransang (Municipality of Rizal), without following due Free and Prior Consent (FPIC) procedures.
The affected areas being converted into coconut plantations are located in Sitio Malutok, Sitio Sumurom, and Sitio Balinbalin. It is important to point out that such locations are also bordering some valuable ICCAs (Territories and Areas Conserved by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities), such as the Signapan valley, being managed by the Tau’t Batu (a sub-group of the Pala’wan).
Hence, the targeted 10,000 hectares of plantations might have posed significant pressure on the neighbouring upland ICCAs.
3 years of community petitioning, pressure and organisation meant that the companies could no longer work on that ground because they didn't have the consent of the indigenous people, a small victory.
They filed a motion of reconsideration 1st June 2017 but by October 2018 courts said they couldn't resume operation without the consent of the Indigenous groups affected.
If they did start work again they would have to follow strict guidelines and procedures to ensure the protection of Indigenous groups.

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