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Stop oil drilling in Nepal

Background info

Oil drilling can cause earthquakes which will displace the people of Nepal from their homes, along with the horrifying environmental impacts that the drilling causes.
Nepal is a small country which hosts the Himalayas, they are the youngest mountain ranges on the planet and were formed after the collision of two main tectonic plates. It is also the main reason for the likeliness of earthquakes to occur in Nepal. This means that Nepal lies below seismic land prone to earthquakes already. If fracking is commenced, the already fragile ground here may not be able to withstand the damage. The additional artificial fissures and cracks in the ground may cause an increment in earthquakes. People living here get negatively impacted as their livelihood may suffer from oil drilling. Not only will the earthquakes be more prominent, the environmental concerns for fracking- from water, to air and waste by products formed- and economic cost will make the country more vulnerable.
The Government of Nepal also at the one hand plans to decrease fossil fuel dependency of the country and finding alternatives, in it's policies, plans and actions but in the the other hand fossil fuel exploration is going on. The vision of government seems very unclear and manipulative. Nepal has also signed different agreements globally for energy transition and mitigation.

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