Baka community


The context
Our Demands
We demand WWF pulls their proposal to build their Messok Dja national park. Uncountable abuses have already occurred in the area of the proposed national park. We demand WWF returns absolute rights and control over land back to the Baka, the indigenous and all other local communities in and around the proposed area of the Messok Dja national park, with support from WWF to implement their own locally run strategies, only IF they wish to use them at all.
We demand WWF stops all current and future projects using Fortress conservation models. They lead to innumerable human rights abuses and are proven to be less effective at preserving biodiversity and land. All current and future WWF projects must adopt an Indigenous conservation model. This will involve all projects to be entirely indigenous led. If indigenous people do not wish to engage in projects, assess if funding is needed in other areas such as legal fees to battle persecution and allocate it there (provided funding is wanted)
We demand WWF cuts all funders (ie: all organisations who fund WWF) who are recorded and known to be polluting organisations or industries such as: Coca Cola, the palm oil industry or logging industry.
We demand WWF takes a public stand against greenwashing. This includes publicly rejecting all current and future companies recorded and verified to be human right abusers or environmental polluters.
We demand WWF must ensure the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is applied for all current and future projects involving tribal peoples and their lands. Real “progress” for tribal peoples starts with the recognition of their land rights and extends to their right to determine their own futures
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