Sub-Saharan Africa

Ogoni Community (Nigeria)

Background info
The Ogoni community is located in Nigeria and have been the victims of human rights violations for years. Four years before Nigerian independence Royal Dutch/Shell in collaboration with the British government began oil production on the Niger Delta. For 15 years (1975-1991) there were endless oil spills. Due to the oil spills and discharge the Niger Delta is no longer viable for agriculture, added to that areas that were thought to be unaffected are now not clear for any drinking water. In 1990 The Ogoni Bill of Rights was taken to the government. This bill hoped to gain rights for the Ogoni people leaving them with the rights to protect their own resources. This campaign lost traction as leaders were murdered by the government. In 1993 people gathered again to stop companies laying oil pipes. This ended in the death of 2,000 Ogoni people and 27 villages were raided.
How you can help
Please share this video! It’s important to hold Shell, one of the biggest polluters in history, accountable for their actions!

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