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In 2018, Mangyan communities in Oriental Mindoro fought against the development of 13 hydropower plants on their ancestral land. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources promised to look into the project details and safety aspects of these developments and have continued to pursue the project, claiming that it will give indigenous groups in the area job opportunities and “justifiable compensation for the destruction of crops and properties and other damages that are attributed to the operation”.
As well as this they are often hit by tropical typhoons, floods, and landslides that impacts their agriculture systems, as well as homes and cultural landmarks.

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Mangyan refers to the Philippine ethnic group living in Mindoro Island but some can be found in the island of Tablas and Sibuyan in the province of Romblon, Albay, Negros and Palawan. Several groupings have been noted by different authorities. These include the Hanunoo, Buhid, Batangan, Ratagnon, Iraya, Tadyawan, and Alangan.
The Mangyans originally settled along the shores of Mindoro, but were eventually pushed into the uplands during the country’s episodes of colonization. After World War II, more of their lands were either occupied by outsiders or destroyed by loggers and developers.

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