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Background info

Lebanon is a small but beautiful country in Western Asia (or the Middle East) known for its beautiful nature and unique fauna and flora. While only occupying 0.007% of the world's land surface area, it is home to 1.11% of the world's plant species and 2.63% of animal species. In fact, a minimum of 2600 different plant species and 9100 animal species find their habitat there, with only 20% of species identified and many more to be discovered. The country boasts one of the highest densities of floral diversity in the Mediterranean basin, which is one of the most biologically-diverse regions in the world.
Unfortunately, the Lebanese ecosystems are very small and highly vulnerable to climate change. With notable annual temperature raises, the entire Mediterranean is at risk of desertification.
The Lebanese government has signed and adopted many nature conservation and biodiversity protection related conventions such as the Paris Agreement, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and many more. However, the country is still facing far too many environmental issues due to government inaction such the wildfires last October and the immense waste management problems. This has inspired many strikes and protests, which have unfortunately been ignored by the government.

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Sign to stop planned waste incinerators
Sign to stop the destruction of Nahr el-Kalb Historical Valley
Sign against plans for the Bisri dam
Sign to stop toxic pollution from cement factories in Koura:
Sign to ban plastic straws + single use plastics
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