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Background info

Due to climate change and the system's poor environmental management, Iran is currently experiencing severe water shortages and an environmental crisis. There is also a fundamental economic problem due to the inability to manage, corruption and economic corruption, and US sanctions.
The government should welcome voluntary assistance to combat this type of problem. Instead, the severe repression of environmental activists by government and security agencies has severely damaged Iran's environment and caused a large number of environmental scientist and Activists to be imprisoned, tortured and assassinated.
Iran has gained notoriety for cracking down on environmental activists. According to Amnesty International, Iranian authorities arrested at least 63 eco-activists during 2018. In 2019, 3 Fridays for Future activists in Iran were murdered for protesting the government. The targeted activists were often accused of posing as environmentalists and scientists to gather strategic information. According to the same report, “at least five were charged with ‘corruption on earth’, which carries the death penalty.” Reports of torture, abuse, and suspicious deaths are rampant from some Iranian prisons and environmental defenders are not exempt.

How you can help

Spread information as widely as you can and educate yourself and others on how the government is silencing the activists of not only Iran but the Middle East as a whole.

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