North America

Escazú agreement

The Escazú Agreement would codify landmark protections for environmental defenders in the most dangerous region for indigenous people and other defenders and enforce democratic participation in governmental decisions that would affect the environment, by codifying that right and requiring governments to report their environmental data.
11 countries out of the 22 that signed the agreement need to ratify it for it to go into effect. There are currently 9 ratifications, so we need 2 more. However, we only have until September 26, in less than two months: if we don’t ratify it by then then it will not go into effect
We’re working with local Caribbean groups to create an intersectional digital campaign that will help put pressure to get the countries closest to ratification to ratify. Join us and let’s help make this region more democratic, safer for defenders, and protected for future generations!
In just a few weeks, we’ll be launching our campaign to push the Escazu Agreement into effect.
Learn more about Escazu here:

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