Peasant and indigenous communities are fighting to protect their land, water and natural resources. The communities have been forced to abandon their lands due to development projects by polluting companies that forcibly displace them from their territories.
Their livelihoods depend on their lands for food, housing and cultural identity. Pollution from mining threatens their way of life, as mining can seep into their lands and waters. Sustainable development has been heavily criticized due to extractive practices.

Regional problem and context

Latin America is considered the most dangerous region in the world for environmental defenders and activists, according to the latest report from Global Witness, more than half of the registered murders of land defenders in the world in 2018 occurred in this region.


Indigenous people and other land defenders .
Passive supporters (to mobilize single actions)
Active climate activists (to mobilize for consistent local and international campaigns) in local/regional groups


Stand in solidarity with indigenous communities.
Raise awareness about the injustice and violence that farmers, indigenous and afro-descendent communities are facing and fighting against.
Putting international pressure on some local campaigns
To help to generate sustained pressure by bringing climate activists to long-term indigenous protection issues.
#DefendTheDefenders conversation has to be led by Indigenous youth, leaders, and communities.


One week: From the 16th to the 22nd of May


[led by indigenous communities]
Interactive information [led by indigenous communities, VIDEO / AUDIO]
Digital Strike [#DefendTheDefenders]
We have partnered with Fridays for Future Digital, collaborating to organize a digital strike on April 24. We asked participants to create a sign, the focus is #DefenderLosDefensores. The emphasis emphasizes making visible to indigenous communities and the injustices they face for days to protect their territories. Feel free to decorate your sign with facts, quotes, or pictures; everything is fine as long as the core message is clear. Don't forget to post on social networks with RaícesLibres, #PollutersOut, #DefendTheDefenders #DigitalStrike. Remember to tag us when you post the photo IG | @libresraices, @pollutersout, and @fff.digital Twitter | @LibresRaices, @pollutersout, and @fff_digital

We encourage participants to tag friends, family or governments that they think need to hear this message and when they post, post a simple description of the photo and encourage people to get involved! Together we can make an impact
[addressed to governments to make indigenous communities visible]
Aimed at governments and companies [Mining, extractors] who have a history of attacking indigenous rights and invaders of indigenous lands
Informational flyers [graphics]

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