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The adventures of Zira and Kuve

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The adventures of Zira and Kuve

A book by Lovelyn Andrawus

The Adventures of Zira and Kuve" is a groundbreaking comic book initiative designed to educate and inspire African youth about environmental sustainability.
Through the engaging story of two young heroes, readers learn about the challenges of climate change in Africa and the importance of environmental conservation.
The mission behind the comic book is to raise funds for publishing and distribution to schools and communities across Africa, with a particular focus on Nigeria's northern region. The project aims to implement climate education programs in 50 primary schools, reaching over 15,000 students.
Contributions to the project will help produce and distribute the comic book, empowering African children to become environmental stewards and champions for a sustainable future. By joining this mission, supporters can make a significant impact in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa


Unleash the power of your network! Spread the word about the book far and wide.
Ignite curiosity by sharing tantalizing snippets of the book's content across social media platforms.
Be a catalyst for change! Contribute to our fundraiser to help bring this eco-conscious comic book vision to life.
Let's amplify impact through collaboration! Reach out to potential partners and explore synergies to promote the book together.

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