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DesignOps Summit Events

DesignOps Summit Events
DesignOps Summit 2021
SUS: A System Unusable for Twenty Percent of the Population
Theme 1: Establishing and Growing DesignOps
C’mon Get Happy
Advice for DesignOps Employee #1
How the Adidas Design Ops Team Supports Every Phase of the Design Lifecycle
Organizing Chaos: How IBM is Defining Design Systems with Sketch for an Ever-Changing AI Landscape
5 Reasons to Bring your Recruiting in House
The DesignOps Starter Kit
Designing Accessible Research Workflows
Scaling Design Capability: How Involved Should You Be?
Flex Your Super Powers: When a Design Ops Team Scales to Power CX
How to Design Your Design Operating Model
Inclusive Design is DesignOps
Designing For Screen Readers: Understanding the Mental Models and Techniques of Real Users
Flex Your Super Powers: When a Design Ops Team Scales to Power CX
How we Built a VoC (Voice of the Customer) Practice at Upwork from the Ground Up
Theme 2: Successful Outcomes for DesignOps Teams
Design as a Team Practice, A Practical Guide to Cross-functional Collaboration
When Design Ops Comes in H.O.T. : A Tale of a Transformed Design Org
5 Reasons to Bring your Recruiting in House
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DesignOps Summit 2020
Stepping Into the Void: Establishing a Design Ops Team from Scratch
Opener: The Other L Word
Theme 1: The Resilient DesignOps Team of One
Theme 1: Introduction and Provocation
Leveling-Up: A Single-Player’s Guide to the DesignOps Team-of-One
Practice What You Preach
Collaborative Wireframing for Creating Team Alignment and Shipping Better Products
How to Use Wireframes to Improve Team Communication and Participation
Introduction to Handrail’s Research Management Platform
Not Black Enough to be White
How to Build and Scale Team Safety
Best Practice Design Workflows with Zeplin
Make Your Teamwork Resilient
Simplifying the Designer-Developer Communication
The Science of Creativity for DesignOps
Getting in Flow with Your Team
Showing the Value of DesignOps by Not Having a DesignOps Team
Opening Reception Sponsored by Bloomberg LP and Rosenfeld Media
Introduction to MURAL
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DesignOps Summit 2019
New York, US
DesignOps Summit 2019 Program
Opening Keynote: Process and Ambiguity
Theme 1: Proving Value, Measuring Outcomes
Measuring What Matters
Real Talk: Proving Value through a Scrappy Playbook
Measuring the Designer Experience
Group Activity: A Deep Dive Into Value and Outcomes
A Design Ops Girl in a Dev Ops World
Distributed Design Operations Management
The Bigger Picture: A Panel Discussion
Theme 2: Partnering Outside Design
Debunking the Myths of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
DesignOps in Wonderland
Lessons From the DesignOps Journey of the World’s Largest Travel Site
Transforming Strategic Research Capacity through Democratization
“Prototype” vs “Prototype”—Breaking Down and Rebuilding Our Understanding of What We Do
Theme 3: Change Management
Setting the Table for Dynamic Change
Design is Not the Frosting on the Scaled Agile Layer Cake
Leading Through Change
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DesignOps Summit 2018
New York, US
Program Overview
Opening Keynote: Operating in Context
Theme 1: Communicating the Value of DesignOps
Communicating and Establishing DesignOps as a New Function
Stretching the Definition of DesignOps with Product Development
Ops without Designers
Panel Discussion: Communicating the Value of DesignOps
Theme 2: Integrating DesignOps
Operationalizing DesignOps
Flow and Superfluidity for Design Orgs
Designing Systems at Scale
Filling the Void
Panel Discussion: Integrating DesignOps
Collaborative Creativity through Improv
Theme 3: Growing People and Teams
Shaping design, designers and teams
Understanding Experiences: When you have to do more than work
Creating the Blueprint: Growing and Building Design Teams
Taking it to the next level: Career paths in DesignOps
Panel Discussion: Growing People and Teams
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DesignOps Summit 2017
New York, US
Opening Keynote: Org Design for Design Orgs
The Design Management Office
Scaling Design Culture
What DesignOps Can Learn From DevOps
This Game is Never Done: Design Leadership Techniques from the Video Game World
The Many Faces of Operations
Discussion: What Operations can teach DesignOps
Jazz Improvisation as a Model for Team Collaboration
Panel: Design Systems and Documentation
Scaling Design through Relationship Maps
Research Operations at Scale
Onboarding: The Ecosystem, not the Afterthought
Group Activity: Making Sense of DesignOps
Closing Keynote: Getting giants to dance – what can we learn from designing large and complex public infrastructure?
Workshop: Creating and Maintaining Successful Design Systems
Workshop: Scaling Design Through the Balanced Team Approach
Workshop: Scaling Up Your Research Operations the WeWork Way
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