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This is a blog dedicated purely to my personal ramblings and free-writes.
It is probably riddled with spelling errors, and a very personal writing style (ie. slang & cuss words).
While I don’t expect people to read everything or become regulars around here, it would be beyond amazing to know you’ve gleamed any sort of insight from my bullshit.
Though I feel like the Golden Age of blogging is long gone, I’ve secretly always had a passion for it.
At a younger age, I tried to keep an online journal that quickly went quiet when I felt like no one was aware of it, let alone reading anything. Today, however, I am not writing for others to see. I write in my own journal for my personal dialogue, on here I hope to have an open dialogue. One where I discuss things others can relate to, maybe even have a chuckle at.
There is no structure, and no way of knowing if I’ve finished the page or not. We’re on this ride together 🔆

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