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Personal Budget Capstone Project (with Splitwise!)


Welcome to the Coda document for personal budgeting! This page provides an overview of the document's scope and limitations. Feel free to share your feedback at the bottom of the Welcome page.

What this doc can do for free

Replace Excel as a budgeting tool by letting you upload your transactions, then the doc automatically...
Update charts,
Updates your personal financial statements (coming soon!)
Empower Coda AI with your transaction information and ask AI for insights such as:
Did i visit new stores this month?
Which day of the week do I spend the most money, and in which category?
How has my personal spending changed over the last 6 months?
How much do I spend on Uber and Lyft compared to public transit?
How much did I spend on that vacation in Greece?
Who are my top vendors for restaurants?
Allow you to share your financial snapshot with your advisors, use the share settings to control how much they see (using cross-doc)
Export to Excel for offline and enduring record-keeping
Sort by categories or tags to organize your transactions
Search for a transaction by its description, date, merchant name, tags, categories, and add multimedia information by opening it up, add details like a picture of a receipt or screenshot of a partial payment or write notes to remind yourself the context of that transaction
Because it’s built with Coda, you can customize it to however you want by adding custom filters, adding automation, add new properties/columns to each transaction, create your own charts
Keep track of how far are you along a minimum spend requirement to earn credit card bonus points

What this doc cannot do

Allow you to compare or track progress towards savings goals (but you can build this in yourself!)
Automatically sync from your bank account. This doc requires you to manually export your bank transactions, use /csv to upload CSV files, and confirm correct mapping of columns to headings.
Track your net worth because your net worth may rely on updating fluctuating values. This doc does not collect market value information automatically since it depends on what assets you hold (but you can build this in yourself!)
Inventory of assets for inheritance/will transfer purposes
Liability, and impact of changing interest rates (but you can build this in yourself!)
Track ROI in your investment holdings (but you can build this in yourself!)
Multi-currency support, but you can customize it to support it by adding formulas and columns
Although you can use Coda AI to categorize transactions, I caution against using AI in that capacity because it’ll drain your AI credits really quickly 😔

Make it your own!

Clear all sample data
Delete all the pre-populated sample transaction data
Begin populating your own by adding them manually or uploading a CSV file. Refer to the page on to add transactions in bulk.
Categorize your transactions manually or with Coda AI.
(optional) Rename categories and tags.
Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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