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Main Seasons

There are two major seasons : the growing season and the ungrowing one
During the ungrowing season, the temperature drops and nothing grows, thus the non-maintained perish and are destroyed.
Conversely, during the growing season, the temperature is warmer and the bulbs sprout or keep growing.
This behavior induces a primary instinct of surviving leading to the will of making its progress during the ungrowing season.

Anomalies Season

Between the two major seasons (cold and tempered) lies a very short period at the end of the cold season called "anomalies season".
Depending on the cold season's climate, the planet compensate for the loss of bulbs and starts to create , which can lead to radical changes on fauna and flora in some places.
This phenomenon, more or less important, can lead to the destruction of yet well established.
As so, some cultures start to fear the anomalies, seeing them as harbingers of great disasters. Some rarer communities take the opposite point of view and worship what they consider to be a gift from a superior being to reward them to have go through the cold season. These are for most , naturally less affected by the brutal land changes.

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