Welcome to the new Gallery.

A place for makers to explore—and share—docs.

Sometimes we publish our ideas as blogs. We might even turn our ideas into keynote presentationsーor a book someday! But more often, our ideas live as docs. We may not actively discern them as such; to us they're more like workflows, frameworks, or templatesーthe places where boots hit the ground. But in essence, our docs are products of insight. Beneath every well-oiled team doc is a maker's sharp perspective.
A few weeks ago, we asked you to share these insights when we launched ーthe ability to transform any Coda doc into a sleek, interactive website you can share with the world. At the same time, we introduced new modes of interactivity for docsーRead, Play, and Editーand the ability to turn copying on or off. All to better support the diversity of your creations, from handbooks to calculators to workout apps.
Now we're unveiling a new home for these docs: A totally rebuilt Gallery where makers can explore—and share—what they've made.

A gathering place for great minds and their docs.

The Gallery is a new home for the thousands of docs already published by our communityーa plethora of actionable tools, grounded in unique insights. You'll find docs you can copy as templates, demo in Play mode, even edit directly.
Like this great remote-friendly of Claire Hughes Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Stripe. Or , Square's framework for making hard decisions and a culmination of Gokul's career-long obsession with the problem of consensus. Or used by Intercom's product marketing team from Jasmine Jaume.
You might try this from Cassey Ho, which puts community and competition at its well-defined core. Or from Lexi Reese, Chief Operating Officer of Gusto.

Self-publishing, now with instant gratification.

It only takes a click (or two) to join this great community of makers. We're extremely excited that now you have the power to publish directly to the Galleryーno tedious back-end maneuvering like before.
Today when you click Share>Publish and turn discoverability on, your doc publishes instantaneously to your maker profile. It will also appear in search and be eligible to appear on a category page of your choosing, so others who are interested in that topic can find it.

You are what you make. And what you share.

20022-GL_Inline_Prof-1280 (1).jpg
Your maker profile is your dedicated corner of the internet. A place to tell the world what you do and what you think (don't forget to link your Twitter and LinkedIn). With pinning, you can put your resume, portfolio, or About Me page at the top of your profileーor highlight your best work.
The really exciting part is that now you can share other makers' docs to your maker profile. This is game-changing if you ask us. Not only does sharing docs open a new outlet for self expressionーakin to curating a bookshelf or circulating interesting studies on social mediaーit's the glimmer of an ecosystem. It's connective tissue forming between like-minded makers.
Now when you find a doc you really like, find out what its doc maker really likes. Think of all the authors and bands you've discovered that way. It's good ol' social proof.

A revolving gallery wall.

When you go to you'll be greeted by a wall of docs: A mix of what we think is inspiring and informing, docs that are trending, and personalized recommendations. You'll also see a place for quick startsーsmall, essential templates that will help you build your docs quickly.
Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it. If you're looking for specific docs, like those related to , , or , try browsing categories.
We also made finding docs easier with a comprehensive search—which returns maker profiles, doc categories, and, of course, docs.
So bookmark this page and keep returning to see the latest and greatest.

A leaderboard for a little healthy competition.

If pinning and sharing aren't enough, you can also give your favorite doc a boost with a like, which increases its discoverability.
Likes, in combination with other metrics such as the number of views and copies, will help docs get discovered by more people, more oftenーand if they're exceptionally popular, they'll climb the leaderboard of trending docs each week.
It's a great way to see what's new and popular in the community and a great aspiration for all you makers looking to get increased exposure. To up the ante further, we'll feature the leaderboard-topping docs in our emails.
Speaking of, we made your doc stats more accessible. Now they live both in your doc settings, and in the sticky footer of your published doc URL. Watch the number of likes, views, and copies increase and see how far your ideas spread!
We hope you'll use this Gallery as both a platform and a resource. Instead of getting advice from SEO-rich listicles or generalized business books, think of how great it'd be if you could go directly to like-minded makers in your industry. And have working examples and templates that you could customize and apply to your own work. Imagine if everybody open-sourced their tools.
The more ideas and docs are out there, the more we can learn, grow, and develop new ways of thinking. Welcome to the process renaissance. 🎀✂️🎨

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