90 Day Hiring Plan - HomeAway

Complete intake form:
Pull up linkedin to confirm alignment on ideal profile - save project and inmail candidates

Sources we use
What we need you to do:
Post the job on your linkedin and to your groups
Tell your team - ask for referrals and roikoi - homeaway.roikoi.com
Respond within 24 hours on all candidates
You can to review new candidates directly from Jobvite

A well written job description run thru textio with a normal recognizable title
Limit required to top 3 or 4 skills
Make sure job title is practical - readily used on the market

We will source, these items are needed:
List possible internal candidate
List exterior companies
How big a pool of candidates are there?

Interview process
Keep the interview process short and concise.
We suggest a 5 min project intro with an integrated technical screen via hireview
Onsite Interview
Design an interview plan where everyone knows their roles
Test for actual skills used
Avoid academic tests
Make sure the interviewers are at or above the level of the candidate.

Evaluation is the candidate smart? Have the shown they can learn the skills?


Time to evaluate
Typical sales funnel
Expectations avg 60 days for average searches
We should average 2 or more submitable resumes a week.
60 - 70 % results in tech screen
Results in 30 % onsite
If any of these numbers drop we need to reevaluate our process and requirements.

30 days
Are we getting a consistent flow of candidates?
If not any flex on the tech requirements? Alternate techknologies?
Expand Linkedin search?

60 days
Look at interview ratios do they align with expectations?
Build a targeted candidate list by company, job title and skills
Review hirevues for issues
Are you responding within 24 hours on candidates and interview feedback?

90 days
Is your need immediate? Should we consider contractors?
Review pool and see if anyone should be reconsidered.
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