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Remote Learning Guide - EM Tutoring

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Zoom Instructions

All virtual lessons will be conducted using
. I recommend becoming familiar with the app prior to our first lesson, especially the features mentioned below.

⚠️ Please test your and before your first virtual lesson.

Download Links:

(for iPads)

Meeting Code:

I will send a calendar invite to the parent(s) via e-mail with the meeting code. Please use that to dial into your meeting.

Features of Zoom:

Whiteboard: This is very useful when it comes to explaining how to solve problems. If your student has an iPad/tablet with a stylus, we are able to write on the whiteboard together!
Chat: When there are group lessons, sometimes it is difficult to answer questions while I am teaching. This feature is helpful for students who want to ask questions. I will see the question and get to answer it even if the student has a muted microphone.
Screen Sharing: This is one of the features I use the most for math students, especially when it comes to online homework/Khan Academy. Your student can share his/her screen loaded to the current web address and we can work through each problem together. I am also able to make notes directly on the page to show examples/how to solve the problem.

Logging In:

Enter the meeting code from your calendar invite, which will be sent to your e-mail.
When you log in, please connect to the audio using your device.
Your student will probably figure out that they have the ability to change to a virtual background. I have no problems with this as long as it's not a distraction during the lesson. The background they choose will be the same one for the whole lesson.
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