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Virtual Learning

A quick guide brought to you by Erica Mendes Tutoring
Hello Parents,
As our community copes with the rapidly-changing dynamics of COVID-19, I am moving all lessons to be virtual effective immediately. It's very important for us to help spread this virus.
Many of my students have had their schools cancelled and schedules completely disrupted, and the burden to maintain normalcy falls on the parents. I've assembled this guide to help you find learning resources and to set up ways for me to continue to help your children.
The following two resources have been very helpful for my own learning, and are what prompted me to make this switch.

I also am encouraging my parents and close friends to try to stock up with enough food and supplies to last at least a few weeks. My husband and I have been using this to prioritize which food we need to eat first.
Please let me know if you or your friends have found particularly helpful ways to support your children through this time, as I'd love to feature that in this guide.
Thanks for all your help, and stay healthy!
Erica Mendes

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