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is Canada's leading social media engagement agency. We do it better than anyone else in the business. It's why major, national brands (like yours!) trust us with their social media.

Did you know?
We offer a whole range of services focused around engaging your customer base through social media channels. Here are the services we offer.

Measure twice, cut once 🧀

Social Blueprint

There are two ways to create contagious engagement online: the easy way, and the hard way.
Perhaps you're familiar with the hard way already: Post or tweet something, get disappointed that nobody responds, and swear off social media for life. Or worse: Spend countless hours and way too much of your budget developing a contest, only to have a small handful of your already-loyal customers participate. So much for growth.
Meet the easy way. Let us do the legwork for you. We'll create a customized Social Blueprint for your organization's very specific audience segments and objectives. We'll develop a complete editorial calendar, backed by best practices in content effectiveness. Isn't it about time you see results?
While your Blueprint document will be customized to your specific needs, generally speaking these contain the following elements:
Past channel performance data and channel grades
Comprehensive review of competitors' performance
Content mix and “evergreen” content funnel strategy
Best practices for post composition and sample high-engagement posts
Complete content schedule
Advertising recommendations (audience, funnels, retargeting, and strategy)
Negative Response Strategy
Crisis Response Plan
Specific recommendations

Monthly Social Landscape Reporting

Sick of not getting regular reports from your existing team or agency?
We're proud of the work we do. That's why you'll always get a monthly, comprehensive report showing you how your social media channels are performing. We'll share with you whatever KPIs matter to you most:
Community growth metrics
Total brand impressions earned
Engagement rate across all three channels
Table of KPIs
Channel-specific breakdowns
Competitor comparisons
Web site analytics summary
Trends report (hashtags and themes most commonly used)
💡 "Hiring engageQ to manage our social media channels was the best decision we made. Within days of them working on our account, we were seeing spikes in visibility and engagement." — Rose Isla, Vancouver Sun Run
Prefer them weekly? Want to see how your numbers compare against the previous month? Or the same month last year? No problem.
Competitive Reporting: We don't stop by providing metrics on your channels — we can also track the social media channels of your main competitors, and provide regular reports on your progress compared to them.
See sample reports at

Brand Mention Monitoring

We can keep a close eye out for mentions about your brand on social media. Start suddenly trending on Reddit? Somebody uploads a YouTube video with your name in it? We'll know about it. Our basic service posts your brand mentions in your Client Hub every month, and we can be as frequent as real-time if you need it.

Social media ad campaigns that work 💪🏻

We're hands-on data nerds. Rather than creating a couple of ads and hoping for the best, we create dozens of multivariate sets — split-testing against platform, image, body copy, and more — and shift your budget to the overperforming sets. What does this mean for you? Significantly more reach for less money.
And unlike other agencies, we don’t take over your ad account. You simply authorize us to have limited access to your account — meaning you can review the results any time you like, drop our access, or edit the ads or content at a whim.
Other advertising services available:
Comprehensive Social Media Ad Account Audit
Regular/Monthly Ad Campaigns
Scheduled Promoted Posts
See what one of our Ad Campaign Plans looks like:

Content to keep your customers engaged ☘️

Let us take the workload off your team. Our in-house experts create, schedule, and post compelling content — all designed for high engagement — directly on your social media channels.
You're never out of the loop. We'll send you a web link where you can review all the posts prior to them going live, and you'll be able to make changes or direct us to. You'll work with a single content manager and have their direct email and phone number.
💡 "The content engageQ finds and creates to engage our online audience is consistently interesting, on-brand, and always relevant to our customers."Corey Quintaine, Kildonan Place

Keeping your fans and customers number one 🧡

Channel Engagement and Moderation

It's not enough to throw up a Facebook page and call it a day. Your customers and prospects are there — asking questions, posting reviews, and sometimes even complaining.
Let us do the legwork. We're the secret “voice” behind many brands online. In fact, you may have already talked to us in your online travels.
When someone comments on your Instagram photo, tweet, or Facebook ad, it's us who replies as your brand — taking the workload off your team. We'll praise your best fans, escalate customer service issues directly to your team, delete libellous content, and more.
How It Works: We start by working with you to develop a clear list of what content you’d like us to catch, champion, and remove.
Then we upgrade your social media channels by protecting them with blockwords and a profanity filter, and start monitoring your pages for comments.
Our coverage is from 10am to 10pm seven days a week. (We can cover additional times, if needed.)
We aim for a response time under 10 minutes. Usually, it's within 2-3 minutes.
We don’t outsource this work overseas. The people working on your social media channels are all in-house engageQ staff.

Social Media Contesting


Branded podcasts that sound amazing 🥊

A branded podcast is a great way to get more engaged followers of your company, promote the values you stand for, and increase brand awareness.
We can help you get your word out there — with full service podcast production.
From finding and recording your host, to developing the content, licensing music, mixing and producing the episodes, and distributing your show to millions, we can handle everything.
Interested?

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