Welcome to EMVERSE Project

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Mind Map

Phase 1

Project Launch & Art Release

The official Twitter and website of EMVERSE PROJECT and art information will be released. Take a look, if you are interested in the worldview and plans of EMVERSE. We will expand the world together with our fans "EMVERSE Crew".

Phase 2

EMVERSE EP0 Project Release

EP0 is the first NFT collection from which the EMVERSE story will be derived. We will be releasing hand-crafted 8,888 NFT pieces made with ERC721A. Get your NFT and become part of the EMVERSE crew.

Phase 3

Strengthening the Community & Collaboration

As a project, we will create opportunities to communicate with a variety of fans, creators, and engineers from around the world. We look forward to meeting the new EMVERSE crew to make our plans more exciting.

Phase 4

Fusion of Virtual and Real

The EMVERSE PROJECT will be fused with the real world. A variety of original goods will be developed, including special offers exclusive to the EMVERSE crew.

Phase 5

EMVERSE "New EP" Project Release

The new story of EMVERSE will be ready. In which world do they exist? Are the new character's enemies or allies? Along with the "world of EMVERSE" that will be revealed one after another, the NFT collection linked to New EP will also be available. This is a project that the EMVERSE crew would be sure to get hooked on.
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