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How does IP ownership work?

When you purchase an NFT, you become the “Primary Rights Owner” of the NFT and the Art associated with the NFT within the ecosystems defined in our Terms and Conditions. This details your rights for personal and commercial use for as long as you are the holder of the NFT. For more information please refer to our page.

🎁 Giveaway Reserves

On the private mint day, the R Planet project team has reserved the first 6 NFT’s to be minted for the sole purposes of community giveaways, community engagement and social campaigns. These 6 NFT’s are part of the 14 Legendaries type which are categorized as the most rare in the R Planet Genesis collection.
It is important to note that these NFTs will not be allocated to our team and instead will be solely used to reward and incentivize our community members who are actively adding value to our ecosystem by giving them the chance to win some of the most rare and valuable R Planet NFTs.
You can find our upcoming giveaway announcements by following our social channels for a chance to win!

👪 Project Management & Partnership Allocation

The Project Management team will be reserving 200 minted NFTs held in corporate treasury for team allocation, partner appreciation, corp treasury, and partnership allocations. These will allocated through a fair minting process as rarity and metadata is assigned through a random shuffling process.

🌐 Contract address

Smart contract Address

🔒 Security

How secure are your smart contracts?

Security is a number one priority for us as a team, and we have taken a number of steps to keep our community as safe as possible by focusing on the following:
Security audit: We have engaged a third-party auditor , a market leader in the blockchain security ecosystem, to perform a full audit of our smart contract for assurance of our holders.
The security audit consisted of a two-phased audit (1) Initial assessment and testing of surface security vulnerabilities and suggested remedies (2) Final assessment of final commit hash and review of all security recommendations. Key items included in the smart contract audit are: 1) Security and vulnerability testing; 2) Manual review of logic errors; 3) Cody style, refactoring; and 4) Community best practices
We are constantly providing our community with information, best practices and security tips on best practices to keep your NFT secure from scams and other types of social engineering from malicious actors.

💸 Proceeds of Minting

Project Re-Investment and Enhancement (up to 73%)
Our Genesis collection is just the beginning, we have a strong mindmap of products that we want to build out, so the majority of the proceeds will go towards advancing our vision, mission to add increasing value to our community.
R Purpose Projects (up to 20%)
We are deeply committed to our community, the longevity of Web 3, and our planet. We will be initially focusing 20% of our minting proceeds to contribute Purpose Projects in the following themes: Sustainability, Mental Wellness, Inclusivity and Equitable Wealth Creation. Proceeds, growth, and value created from Purpose Projects will be shared with the community through additional Community Rewards, Benefits, project re-investment, and further development. Additional purpose projects will be added with the help and voting of our community.
Community Rewards (up to 5%)
We want all holders to get additional benefits for being a supporter of our R Planet ecosystem, so a portion of our ongoing proceeds will go towards community rewards, events, giveaways, freebies, and so much more.
Philanthropy (up to 2%)
As a purpose driven NFT project we are committed to allocating a portion of our mint proceeds to amazing charities to help advance even more positive change.

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