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Extracurriculars and Hobbies


- Present
I have spent a majority of my life playing tennis competitively. Since starting tennis at the age of five, I have learnt a lot from this sports, both on and outside the court. I became a responsible, hard-working, and respectful person at a very young age. After spending hours on practices and tournaments, I have learned how to perform under pressure, stay calm, and play strategically based on the opponent, score, and moment. Still, I continue my habit of living, working, and behaving like an athlete. Some of my accomplishments include the following:
Turkey National Tennis Team player
National Champion
High school team captain
Michigan Club Tennis team player

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- Present
Soccer has been one of my biggest passions since I was born. As a tennis player, I always had to play soccer for fun, but it helped me gain a lot of valuable skills. Even though tennis was an individual sports, success came from being a team player and working with your coaches and teammates. My mentality of putting the team first was built by playing soccer and has allowed me to succeed in many parts of life.
Former High school team captain
Huge Fenerbahçe fan
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