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Group greeting card—a simple way to celebrate your favorite grads
Group greeting card—a simple way to celebrate your favorite grads

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How it works

Make a copy. Add a message. Invite others.

Step 1: Make a copy of this template

Copy this template
Once you’ve made a copy, take a quick peek at the card so you know what it looks like, then clear the sample data in the card by clicking this button →
Clear data
Personalize your card:
This page: Select the doc title in the top-left corner of this page to rename it to something like ‘Congrats, Lee’ or ‘Congrats from all of us’.
On the page: This is where you, your friends, and your family will ‘sign’ the card and add personal messages. Start by adding the grad’s name in the page title.
On the page: This is the actual card you’ll be sending to the grad, so personalize it by replacing or adding any text you want.

Step 2: Add a personal message

To do this, click the Add my message button below, then add your name or nickname into the ‘From’ field, type a brief message, then upload a photo, image, or animated GIF.
It’s a good idea to add your message to this card first, so people see at least one example.
You can click the plus sign (+) to add the JPG, PNG, or GIF file to the doc, or drag & drop it into the ‘Picture’ column. If the image doesn’t upload properly or takes too long, check that the file isn’t too large—preferably around 500 KB.

Add my message
Write message here
Choose a theme
Upload image (~500KB)
Delete msg
No results from filter

Remember to let the grad know who this message is from, or click the 'X' to delete any extra entries
To preview the card, click here → to view your message.

Step 3: Tidy things up a bit before inviting others to sign

Go to the left-hand, side menu to delete all the setup pages so only the and the pages show up.
Here’s how:
Hover your cursor over the right of the intro page title (’Group greeting cards—a simple way to celebrate your favorite grad’).
Select the ‘more’ icon (3 dots), then select ‘Delete’ from the menu options.
Click the ‘Delete all’ button to remove this page and the intro page from the list.

Step 4: Invite others to 'sign’ the card!

To invite family and friends to this card, click ‘Share’ at the top of the page, the select the ‘Publish’ tab to the right of the ‘Embed’ tab.
Set ‘Discoverable by anyone’ to ‘OFF’
This way it won’t publish to the Coda Gallery for the public to see, and only those you’ve shared the link with can sign the card. If this is your first time using Coda, you’ll be asked to create a Coda profile name. It can be whatever you want (i.e. screen name, business name, etc).
Set ‘Doc Interaction’ to ‘Edit’
This way people’s messages/photos will be saved. ‘Play’ mode doesn’t save any messages, so this one’s super important.


TIP: It’s nice to add a personal note when sharing this card with friends and family—letting them know who’s graduating, which day you need them to sign it by, and how awesome it’d be if they could take a minute or two to help out!

After all the messages are collected

Once you’re ready to share the card, you’ll need remove the page where they add messages, so the recipient only sees the card page. Don’t worry, we’ve included these final steps on the page for you, so you’ll have them when you delete this page.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.