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Launch brief

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Launch brief

Every detail for the awesomeness tripled re-launch.
read this launch brief to learn more or answer question you have about the re-launch.

Launching: the awesomeness network


What's launching
a podcast/media network that will bring podcasts together
Who is the intended user/audience?
if you listen to awesomeness tripled and want more, check out all the network media from blog posts to youtube videos
Why are we launching it?
to re-invigorate my podcast effort and help grow me and my friends podcast reach.
One-line pitch
The awesomeness tripled network will help me colaborate and make better podcast content with my friends.
Release date: nov.5-12
Outreach plan
we are going to launch on all platforms from youtube to awesome3
Primary channels
listen for all of this on the network podcasts, my website and youtube


before we didn’t have the network, things were different. I would maybe mention other podcasts, maybe appear in an episode or two, but it was never like this. Now, I can work with my friends in many different ways. I can now collaborate like never before, and we can premote each other together.


the different platforms carry each other. ex.
Ellis: go check out The other Side!
You: I’ll go check out The Other Side
Graham: go check out our website
You: I think I’ll go check out you website.
You: I do like this website. I’ll go check out the youtube channel.
You: I like this Miles character, I think I’ll go check out his podcasts.
Miles: go check out Awesomeness Tripled.
You: hey, I know about Awesomeness Tripled! I love that podcast!
*process repeats*


What questions can we answer?
Q: does this mean you’re changing the podcast?
A: not at all. Podcasts are the same kind of stuff, just connected
Q: What can I expect to find on the website
A: the home of the network, not just Awesomeness Tripled
Q: what can I expect from the youtube channel?
A: same stuff, just the network hosts will appear more frequently.


Are we risking anything with this launch?
Mitigation: I am determined to keep this rolling and I think that together, that’s going to be a lot easier.


How am I going to work with my team & company to make this happen?
I think we might meet every week or something, I live in a house with Graham, and we will support each other individually. It’s the whole point of the network!


how will I get this to all of you?
listen for all these podcasts, visit the website and youtube channel to experience the awesomeness!

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