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meet the team

If you are unaware of the amazing things that go on in the network or just want a reminder, here you go. It’s every podcast, website channel and host of the awesomeness tripled network.
Ellis Walsh

I’m Ellis, host of two podcasts and the creator of the network. I started awesomeness tripled during COVID as something to do and now it’s much more. My podcasts include:
Awesomeness Tripled
official description:
welcome to Awesomeness tripled! In this fun-filled podcast, we take you down multiple roads, take you on many different adventures. Each episode is different than the last! As the name suggests, this podcast is full of awesomeness. We don't just stick to one subject like most podcasts do, we explore so many subjects and details, and we make the ride fun and enjoyable. Awesomeness Tripled: a Podcast if for the entire family. With many things to enjoy, there's bound to be joy and laughter wherever you go. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the awesome side of life wherever you get your podcasts!
Chewbacca chatter
official description:
I'm Ellis Walsh. I've loved Star Wars all my life and have loved podcasts all my life. I created the podcast Awesomeness Tripled, and season 3 was about the topic I loved most - Star Wars. But I decided to take it one step further. A whole other podcast. I will of course upload more on Awesomeness Tripled than Chewie Chatter, but I hope you enjoy expanding your Star Wars knowledge through the power of the force!
Miles Walsh
An Epic Life
official description:
Graham Walsh
The other side
official description:
In this podcast, the host, Graham Walsh will take you on a journey to an imaginative world. Every season, Graham will make up a world and chronicle the awesome events that happen in his imagination. Graham will sometimes introduce his friends and family to the show, to help him expand the universe.
Fiona Walsh
Fiona is the official co-host of all of this. She bounces around on every podcast. Be sure to be on the lookout!
Our website:
our youtube channel
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