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What does this Doc contain?

where you have a collected overview.
Under you can simply enter your writing times for your chapters and block them in your calendar. The great thing is that you can track how diligent you've been on the and maybe even learn something about yourself and your writing habits at the end.
enables you to keep track of the steps you still have to take and the steps you have already taken.
where you can enter and sort your sources, while you keep an eye on the return times for borrowed items.
Sometimes you need and to stay inspired. That’s why there is also room for planning your inspiration time.

For whom is this Doc built?

If you’re in a writing process where you’re working with multiple sources and want to keep track of your resources (e.g. for time, sources & motivation) while staying motivated - this Doc is for you.

Why was this Doc built?

Whether it’s writing for your company or because you’re also one of those people who love lifelong learning - writing papers and keeping track of inspiration and sources can be a real challenge.
The doc supports you in your writing process by helping you keep track of your various resources and plan writing blocks easily.

How to start?

The different pages are built on top of each other and contain descriptions. I would therefore recommend that you start with , read through the short descriptions of the pages and then fill in your data. The tables contain a Delete examples button.

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