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Classroom observations 2023/24

Following reflection, students to provide weekly evidence of discussions, alternating between the following:

Email Elena or share with her via Noticing the report that the app automatically generates for you once you have completed a session on (If you click ‘Next’ when you’re viewing the Summary of your conversation, an editable report is automatically generated for you, which you can share with Elena.)
Hand in to Elena in class Mentorial Record Sheet (see below) following discussions with personal mentor; this can be hand-written or printed out:
Mentorial Record Sheet No.: e.g. 1, 2, 3...
Mentee (Student) Name:
Mentor Name:
Time (from - until):
1. Topics discussed:
2. Mentee’s conclusions/decisions:
3. Agreements made:
- By mentee:
- By mentor:

- Mentee signature:
- Mentor signature: [Please run your report past your personal mentor before submitting to Elena. Your mentor can simply type up their name and surname to confirm that they agree with what's reported - no formal signatures are needed because I feel I can trust the group on ethics.]
To those new to the module: with your personal mentors you will be using the same Five Steps protocol that we sometimes use in class:

Other important module information

Breakdown of practical teaching weeks:
Week 1 from 4th March (reflect in Noticing)
Week 2 from 11th March (reflect with your personal mentor)
Week 4 from 25th March (reflect with your personal mentor)
Week 5 from 1st April (reflect in Noticing)
Week 6 from 8th April (reflect with your personal mentor)
Week 7 from 15th April (reflect in Noticing)

Deadline for portfolio submissions: 31st May; please follow the instructions for your

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