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You're going to need a credit card, but choose wisely.
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Choosing a credit card is similar to choosing a bank; you will have plenty of options that all come with different advantages and disadvantages. You'll need to do your due diligence to ensure you sign up for the card that suits you best.
Be aware that newcomers to the credit card market offer the same things as other cards, only free and perhaps with less insurance add ons. We also recommend avoiding any cards that force personal liability.

When to sign up for a credit card

The best time to get a card is before you need it. Cash flow is crucial, so a credit card can buffer during tough times. Also, credit history is one of the most important factors for increasing credit limits.
If you're planning on buying dinners, flying around, or ride sharing to appointments, you might as well rack up points and get cash back. A credit card will also help keep your expenses separate from personal accounts.

Which type of card is best

Figure out the most important needs for your business, then make a decision on a card based on your available options. Here are a few important factors we think should be on your radar when thinking about which type of card will work best for you:
Are you going to get an interest or charge card? This means, will you hold a balance that accrues interest, or will you pay the bill at the end of each month.
Do you want cash back or loyalty points? Depending on your personal credit score, or how much revenue your business is pushing... you might only have a couple options.

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Credit Card suggested vendors
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Brex is a corporate card that requires no personal guarantee (meaning it isn't impacted and doesn't impact your personal credit. They provide uncapped travel and rewards points and claim to offer higher credit limits than Amex or other cards.
American Express Business Card
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AMEX is the classic business credit card. It's only $50 per card per year, so you won't break the bank. They provide excellent support, along with unique perks.
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Ramp in a new corporate card company (and Brex competitor) that is built for startups and gives you 1.5% cash back on everything as opposed to being points based. They also offer no founder liability and higher credit limits and focus a lot more on savings than competitors.
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