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Testimonials from our two existing (2022-23) volunteers

Introduction of Linda and Laia:

We are Laia and Linda, ESC long-term volunteers at Egyesek’s office. We will be living in beautiful Budapest for a total of 10 months! What do we do here? Basically we are running the association’s social media platforms! That means that the posts, events, stories, and other material you get to see online are posted by us! But, that is not all we do! We are also taking part in promoting opportunities abroad by leading info sessions, creating a trimestral newsletter 📰, and supporting the Egyesek’s team in different tasks if needed (maybe you have met us during a training or a youth exchange? Maybe you have received an info pack written by us?). Stay tuned to our social media, because we will share our (and other people’s) experiences as volunteers! 📢

Laia’s experience as a Budapest volunteer:

"When I moved to Budapest 5 months ago I was SO excited to start this life-changing experience! My biggest dream was coming true: I was about to live abroad in a city that stole my heart at first sight while getting to collaborate with an organization determined to make a positive impact on society. The beginning of my ESC was hectic and definitely challenging. It was in the middle of summer -meaning that many workcamps, trainings, and youth exchanges were going on. Every single Egyesek member was working hard and doing their best. At the same time, I started my duties as a social media volunteer taking footage of the different programs, helping trainers develop them, preparing info packs, and taking over Egyesek’s social media accounts! Soon enough my fellow volunteer, Linda, joined us in Egyesek’s headquarters. Along with some members of the office, we started developing a structured social media plan and community building activities. Getting to work by their side makes this experience much more wholesome and heart-warming. We also started providing info sessions about European opportunities to youngsters, and attending different fairs under the same purpose! During these past 5 months I have had the chance to meet different people, including other volunteers both from Egyesek and other organizations, interns, professionals, and local people. Some of them I already had to say goodbye to, while some others just got into my life. I also have had the opportunity to develop different skills on a professional level, and challenge myself personally. I cannot believe time passes by that quickly! And I cannot wait to see what is waiting for me these following 5 months left as an ESC volunteer. All in all, what I can say is that I am happy to have enrolled in such an adventure, and to be able to give back to society doing my bit."

Linda’s experience as a Budapest volunteer:

I cannot believe It has been 5 months since I started my volunteering with Egyesek. This has been an unforgettable experience that has made me learn a lot of essential life skills. Despite my volunteering being mostly office work, I found ways to keep it interesting by being able to express my creativity. I believe that everyone should experience a long-term volunteering project once in their life.



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