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Easing FAQ (English)


What services does Easing offer?
At Easing, you can purchase products or hire services from third parties. You can also schedule regular deliveries of certain products, like coffee or office supplies. We act as intermediaries with the providers.
Easing assists you with the following categories:
Food & Drinks: this category includes:
Everything you can buy from a supermarket: snacks, drinks, milk, etc.
Coffee: coffee subscription services.
Water: water subscription services.
Office Supplies: Pens, Notebooks & Notepads, Desk Organizers, Binders, Paper, File Folders, Printer Ink, Post-it & Sticky Notes, Light Bulbs, Bins...
Office Cleaning: set up or manage a cleaning service for your office.
Maintenance: if something breaks in the office or if you need specific support, Easing helps you find a professional to fix it.
Deliveries: we help you deliver packages wherever you need them: in-city, national, or international.
Swag & Merch: branded clothing featuring your company design and logo.
In-Office & Gifts: whether you need to decorate your office for a special occasion or you want to send a gift to a client or an employee, this is the place. Examples: Christmas Tree for the office, Amazon Gift Card, Sant Jordi roses for everyone in the team...
Meeting Rooms: book meeting rooms from coworking spaces, hotels, etc.
Events & Team Building: book team building activities for your team, venues for your events, or hire an event agency to customize an event for you (Summer Party or Christmas Dinner).
Catering: order catering for a meeting or event.
Professional Services: struggling with other office-related projects? We help you find the right professional to assist you: office moves, office search, storage, sustainability consultancy...
Concierge: is there something you need that you can't find on the list? Just let us know, and we'll take care of it.
Is Easing the final provider of the services it offers?
No, Easing doesn't provide the services. The third-party providers do. We take care of making it super easy for you to be able to hire them.
Think of it as a food delivery app. We're not the restaurant; we are the app you use to order the food.
Who is responsible for the quality of the service?
The providers you choose are ultimately responsible for the delivery of the product or service. That said, Easing is on top of it to minimize any disruption or risk. We choose carefully who the providers are so that you can trust them, and we are the ones solving any incident when they occur.
A good way to think of it is comparing it to a food delivery app. While the restaurants cook the food, the delivery app owns the experience and strives to make it the best possible.
Who do I have to pay, Easing or the provider?
In most cases, Easing will charge and invoice you directly. That means that as soon as you pay, you will have the invoice automatically generated.
That said, in some cases, providers might require a different setup.
What languages does Easing support?
Easing currently supports English, Spanish, and Catalan.
Where does Easing operate?
For now, we are only taking clients in Barcelona. If you're from a different city, though, reach out! We get requests from clients in other cities, and we'll be expanding soon.


How much does Easing cost?
You can check our pricing on our landing page. We offer three subscriptions: Basic, Pro, and Unlimited.
I see that among other things, the pricing is based on Actions. What is an Action?
An Action is every request from a client that requires Easing to interact with a provider. Examples:
Changing the schedule of the cleaning service = 1 action
Booking a meeting room (provider 1), with catering (provider 2), delivery (provider 3) = 3 actions
Scheduling a recurrent monthly purchase of beers = 1 action every month
Booking an escape room (first action), and a day later requesting to change its schedule (second action) = 2 actions
If you still have some questions, feel free to book a slot with us and we can answer them directly.
Does Easing take any commissions?
No, we don't take any commissions. We charge you exactly the same price that the provider charges us. In other words: you wouldn't get a better price if you bought outside Easing. In fact, we often have better prices than those you could get on your own.

Features & Service

What is the Concierge service?
You can utilize the Concierge service to request a product or service that we currently do not offer. We understand that sometimes you may need something very specific, and we are here to assist you with those requests.
How fast can I get a response?
We try to get to every request very quickly. We believe that speed is a critical part of the Easing offering. We also work with providers who can deal with the speed required. We currently don't have a night-shift service, but we will try to get back to you as soon as we are back online.
Who can use the Easing platform?
Anyone on your team! Whoever deals with providers should use Easing from now on.
Are there any approval flows?
We can establish approval flows if you need to. For example: no cost below 50€ needs approval. Or: every expense above 100€ needs approval from Joni. For now, these will be manual processes, but in the future, we will have them automated within the platform.
Does Easing offer sustainability options?
Yes, we do. Most of our providers have sustainable offerings, and we increase our inventory every day more and more. If you have any specific need, just let us know!

Getting started

Can I sign up today? What are the first steps to start using Easing?
Of course, we can't wait to work together! You can book a meeting
In order to provide the best service, Easing provides personalised onboarding. During the demo we will explain you what that process looks like and schedule your Onboarding slot so that you can start using Easing very soon!
How does the onboarding work?
First, we will do an implementation session with you, where we will:
Understand how you're currently running things, what your struggles are, and how they can be optimized.
Collect your current costs for us to benchmark and find savings later.
Choose together your main providers.
Onboard your current providers, so that from now on, we deal with any interaction with them.
Set up your payment method and invoice preferences.
Set up your users.
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