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Christmas Family Wish Lists

🎄Welcome to the Family Christmas Wish List!!!🎄

🎅About this Document

Our family decided that other websites and apps just didn't do what we want it to do for Christmas Wish lists. We wanted to be able to put together a list that had items from multiple places and not be limited to one website. Then, we wanted to be able to look at everyone else's lists and pick things that they would would like with out them knowing about it. Taking feedback from everyone, I sat down one afternoon and decided that a Coda doc would be the perfect solution! Our family liked the doc so much that we decided that we should share it for other people to be able to use.

👨‍👩‍👦Family Members:

Step 1: Add your wish list items to
buy using the "
Add Item
" button.
Step 2: Check out the
to find something to buy! Then claim the item by checking ✔️ the box in the "Claim" column. This ensures no duplicate gifts!
Step 3: Check out
to find the items you claimed sorted by person!
Step 4: Buy the gifts!!! And Wrap them! 🎁 But make sure to stay in budget by checking the top of
page to see how much you've spent! 💲


Check out the
for more information on this Coda Doc!

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