Week of 8/1/2021

JS Test Basic Fundamentals
I finished the project JS test. It consistent of 6 questions ask in a dev tech interview with the exception that it was based on C#, I elevated the test with an html interface to view code and show results of code.
I am now doing the same project test but now in C#. This project will be used for interviewing purposes for a company. I will be thinking as an interviewer on how to present questions asked to an “interviewee”. How to determine the skill set of an applicant, that will show ones intuitive knowledge and not so much the technical skill. Soft skill based test approach to solving software dev code questions . Such as, “How would you approach reversing a sentence without helpers?” Follow up by giving an example of code custom methods that can be used. Can the applicant learn and have the capacity to problem solve.
If an applicant only memorizes the syntax to the question based on knowledge of type of test asked during the interview, a soft skill based test approach will detect the knowledge based on a good fundamental understanding vs a memorization of a specific question that does not measure the aptitude of an applicant. It would be like asking the student to memorize all the states in the U.S. but doesn't know what a state is.
My first thought of “How I would reverse a sentence without helpers”, I wonder what an example would look like, that a company would use this for. A company needs to reverse a sentence because it will achieve...
I will research this.
There is not much found yet why these questions are used, but from my own experience its breaking down a problem to find a solution. I can see that I need to think how a computer would accomplish “reversing a string”. I understand that strings are immutable , its limitation first, so I would need to save to a new variable any changes that I wanted. Where is the data, do I need to retrieve it first or create my own sample sentence. The sentence is then given an algorithm to reverse the sentence.
I would need to loop thru the sentence in reverse. Looping thru separates each char with a comma(delimiter default value). You would need to use the join(’’); Since there is already a space in the sentence, you would leave the delimiter value as adding no space.
You would need to understand the .

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