Pack 223 Cub Scout Information

OLD - March 5-6, 2022 Campout Info

Location: We will be based out of the
Arrival: Please arrive at 1:00pm on March 5, and have eaten lunch before you arrive.
Departure: We will break camp and leave the area at 9:00am on March 6.
Sunday Service: Sunday morning we will be performing an all-religions Scout service. This is why we ask scouts to bring their Class A uniform if staying overnight.
Weather: Forecast is low-60s to low-70s. Please plan for it to be colder. Nothing ruins a campout faster than being cold.
Bathrooms: Parish Hall bathrooms (where pack meetings are held) will be accessible.

Food Provided:
Saturday: Dinner & Campfire Snacks
Sunday: Breakfast
Bring other snacks/trail food if you will be wanting them.

What to Wear

Saturday: Class B Uniform (scout t-shirt/sweatshirt) or play clothes if no Class B Uniform
Sunday: Class A Uniform (shirt, belt, neckerchief, etc.)
Everyone else:
Play clothes

What to Bring:

If there is anything that you are missing, please let Dylan Thomas know at 707-208-2953
Flashlight or headlamp
Water bottle
Snacks, if needed
Sweatshirt or jacket
Your Cub Scout Handbook
Hand sanitizer and/or sanitary wipes

Optional items to bring if you have them:
Pocket knife (Bears and above only)
Rain gear

For those staying overnight:
Athletic or hiking shoes (closed toe)
Socks (including 1 pair in a zip lock bag)
Pants and/or shorts

Other Items:
Sleeping bag or multiple blankets
Sleeping mat/pad/air mattress (optional)
Personal Hygiene items (Ex: Deodorant, Teeth cleaning, etc.)
Personal medications
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