Pack 223 Cub Scout Information

Pack 223 Uniform Information

The easiest option, is to head to the Scout Shop in Green Hills if you can. While the folks who work there are always a great help, I was just told by a parent that this year they have started pre-assembling some shirts with most of the needed insignia already applied. Additionally, for whatever reason, the Middle Tennessee Council patch is not available online. 🤷‍♂️
Options to buy:
1 - Scout Shop in Green Hills.
(corner of Hillsboro Pike and Woodmont)
Phone: (615) 383-0753
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday

2 - Scout Shop Online:
Most items can also be purchased from (sometimes their links change so you may need to search. These links were good as of 9/10/21)

Required Items:

Every Pack has it's own requirements, and ours has kept it simple. Total cost for everything is ~$80. As always, if cost is an issue, let me know.
While it would be great if you had these items for your first DEN meeting, that's often not realistic so please try to have them by the second den meeting.
Neckerchiefs. The Pack will give each new Scout their neckerchief at their first Pack meeting.
Handbooks: You do not want to buy Cub Scout Handbooks on Amazon or elsewhere. For whatever reason they are usually twice as expensive. Get the paper version of Handbooks. The ebook versions are not useful in most settings.
Shirts: For sizing, take into account that the blue shirt will be worn through 3rd grade, and the tan shirt from 4th grade onwards.
ALL OTHER ITEMS ARE OPTIONAL. There are a lot of other cool things (shorts, hats, socks, etc, etc), but none of it is part of our Pack's required uniform. Many scouts end up getting a hat, but it’s not required.

Required for ALL Pack 223 Scouts
Middle Tennessee Council patch (not sold online)
Pack numbers ("223")
(2) “” and (1) “
Additional items for TIGERS
Additional items for WOLVES
Additional items for BEARS
Additional items for WEBELOS
Webelos Scouts transition to utilizing most parts of the Scouts BSA uniform while keeping or allowing parts of the Cub Scout uniform.
Scouts BSA Tan Shirt in OR
Webelos can wear the OR they can wear the .
Definitely get the green belt if you are joining as a Webelos and do not have a blue uniform belt already.
Note that Cub Scout belt loops earned through Bears will not fit on the Scouts BSA belt.
Webelos earn pins, rather than beltloops, and the Colors or on the Webelos Hat is where they are displayed

About Attaching Patches
You can either sew patches on, or use a durable fabric adhesive. I have done both, and the fabric adhesive is definitely easier (about 15 mins for all the patches), just make sure to follow the directions.
BadgeMagic comes in pre-cut sheets for patches, available at the Scout Shop (online or in person)
Badge Magic cut-to-fit sheets are also available at Scout Shop and Amazon.
FabricFuse Peel 'n Stick also works well and is generally available at Amazon, Michaels, etc.
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