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Step 7

Add Other Data to Google Sheet

In your Google Sheet, there are 4 other tabs where you'll need to import your data:
import_screaming frog_internal crawl
import_semrush_all organic positions
import_semrush_featured snippets
import_semrush_competitor keywords

To import data, go to the appropriate tab and select cell A1. Go to File >> Import. Find the appropriate file on your computer, then select "Replace data at selected cell"

Importing Screaming Frog Data

Import into the import_screaming frog_internal crawl tab

Importing SEMrush All Organic Positions

Import into the import_semrush_all organic positions tab

Importing SEMrush Featured Snippets

Import into the import_semrush_featured snippets tab

Importing Competitor Keywords

Import into the import_semrush_competitor keywords tab. You can add data from multiple competitors into this tab.

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