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I've been trying to get better at generating SEO strategies, so I am building a “SEO Strategy Assistant" dashboard in Google Data Studio.

The current version of the dashboard uses data from SEMrush and Screaming Frog to show the following:

Featured Snippet Opportunities
- If you have keywords ranking in the top 10 AND those SERPs have a Featured Snippet available, making small changes to target those snippets drive quick traffic for clients.
Keywords Ranking on Pages 2 and 3
- Another quick win opportunity. If you have keywords ranking on pages 2 or 3, performing on page and content optimizations to those pages could move them to page 1.
Page Degradation
- See pages that have declined in traffic over the last 30 days, 90 days, and year over year.
Competitor Keyword Gap
- Review keywords where a competitor outranks you on page 1. Close the gap in content quality and on page optimization between you and your competitor, and you can steal their spot.
Top Competitor Pages
- See your competitor's top pages by traffic. Use this to help define your site's content strategy.
Technical SEO Crawl Summary
- Using data from Screaming Frog, get a high-level overview of the technical health of your site.


. I plan on continuing to iterate on this dashboard.


I plan on continuing to iterate on this dashboard. Here's some thoughts I have for a roadmap:

Show new keywords to target with new pages
Pages and keywords that have degraded in traffic month-over-month and year-over-year
Keywords that are underperforming for CTR
More technical SEO insights
Prioritizing opportunities by traffic gain
More automation.

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