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Dusks Comprehensive Fishing Guide!

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Dusk's Comprehensive Final Fantasy XIV Fishing Guide!

Welcome, Upcoming fisherman! (or woman)

Before you read

This document will serve as a guide to help lead you from anywhere between complete beginner, to Master Fisher! If you see any check boxes along the way, make sure you either meet the described requirement or understand what is going on before you keep reading. They can look like this →
Click it!
Secondly, if there’s a section called Beginners and a section called Masters, you can content so you don’t have to scroll past all the beginner stuff if you’re a real master and you only want master guidance B-)
Test it out here!

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Considering fishing has a ton of intricacies, Here is some information to help you determine where you stand!

I have not yet acquired the fishing job

Fret not! This sub page will lead you to the beginning of a long, strange, beautiful journey.

I have fished a little, but I’m not max level yet.

That’s good! do you know about the essentials fishing abilities?
No, tell me more! →
Yes - I totally know about Anglers Art, Patience and how to use hook sets 😎 🎣

I want to learn about Ocean fishing!

There’s a sub for that too! here you can read about
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