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Dusks Comprehensive Fishing Guide!
Dusk's Comprehensive Final Fantasy XIV Fishing Guide!

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All the Fishies in the Sea

This sub page is dedicated to everything Ocean Fishing!

As you may have heard, Ocean Fishing is the most effective way of leveling Fisher. The only downside is that the ocean voyage duty only goes every 2nd hour real time.

Beginners guide to ocean fishing

Advanced guide to ocean fishing

Certain level and ability prerequisites needs to be met for maximum value from this section.
They are the following:
Level 81 Fisher
Knowledge of Prize Catch
Knowledge of Identical Cast
Knowledge of Double Hooking
Having access to Hi-Cordials
If you can check all of these boxes, you should have no issue reading the content of this chapter 🤭
In case you do not know how to use these abilities, check this sub page out!

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