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Tacotarian Packaging Proposal

Tacotarian Packaging Proposal


Kristen Corral and her team are running a highly successful number of Mexican Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas, San Diego and other locations in the South West.
The team has now developed a range of shelf-stable meals to be presented to potential retail partners and also sold via DTC channels.

Who does comparable work? Who are we inspired by?

What are the Immediate Needs?

Using the existing design elements and language from the restaurant brand, we need to develop packaging design that works both on shelf in a retail environment and in DTC.
Elements that need to be created include:
Table 1
Master Packaging Design
This design will create the common elements for all SKUs using one core SKU. Once locked down, all other SKUs will follow the shared brand language.
2 Additional SKUs Packaging Design
The designs clearly communicate that the products come from the same family yet are individual products with their individual ingredient and flavor profiles.
There are no rows in this table

How do we think about costing

Typically, marketing and design agencies provide a fixed price for their services. We think that’s strange because:
When buying a new car, you can choose your preferred trim level.
When you’re buying a new phone, you can choose the amount of storage you need.
When you’re buying internet services, you can choose your speed.
💡 The choice you make affects the cost of your purchase.
When you invite us to deliver a proposal, we think it’s only fair that we, too, give you choices. On the costing page you will find three different service levels at three different prices.
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