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The Problem

The internet has fallen in love with creators and influencers. We help DTC brands like you survive and thrive in the disruption of this market.



Our Growth Process

Our growth system turns your teams into entrepreneurs with guiding principles that give them the autonomy to accomplish your mission and values. We build you a growth model that describes and predicts how and where you grow and combine it with your users’ psychology and how they form habits, to design experiments that drive retention & engagement, acquisition, and monetization.

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How can you help grow my business?

Like you, most founders and brand builders understand that finding new users is a priority. It takes a lot of your attention. It’s easy to let the other pillars of growth fall to the wayside — figuring out how to get your customers stick around, as well as where, when, and how to monetize across your product catalogue.
Your growth depends on understanding your users and their needs. We start there, by helping you build a common language around your growth model with guiding principles to enable your team make decisions that impact your growth. Once your team focuses on the right things for growth, you can continue to validate your predictions about how you’re customers think through ongoing user data and research.
To get there, we help you answer key growth questions:
how do you grow?
what work is high impact and important to your mission?
where and when does your growth stop?
how do you address growth constraints or a ceiling?
how do you align your teams?
what new information changes the underlying assumptions?
You also need the right tools in your kit for growth. We believe everyone can be makers at your business when given the right tools and frameworks. Coda enables much of that, and our experience and growth solutions provide the rest.

What we can help with

🌱 Growth System Implementation

Let us help you grow! We use tried and tested growth frameworks and software solutions to address your business challenges.

📋 Growth Process Design

Your business is unique. We’ll work with you to help you understand how you grow, and provide scalable solutions that work for you.

🛠️ Integrations

By connecting your other platforms to Coda, we leverage Coda’s flexibility to increase the power of other platforms you use.

📦 Templates & Packs Creation

Coda’s flexibility is available for everyone! We make Packs that help people grow their businesses.

Areas of expertise

Our growth system addresses key performance drivers in your business such as your monetization, acquisition, and retention & engagement mechanisms, through the lens of product-led growth, to provide you with solutions that leverage the expertise and passion of your teams. This includes everything from group consultations and ideating based on best practices in project management and design, to customizable software solutions and integrations in Coda and other enabling platforms, to customer research and experimentation plans, and beyond.

Use Cases

💪 Growth System

📘 Growth Strategy

📈 Product Growth Management


💻 SaaS

💸 E-commerce


🎯 Product
📊 Data
🔗 API Integrations

🤳 Marketing

See some of our Coda products

For more of our projects, check out our Coda profile

Who we’ve worked with

...and more large-small creators, independent-major label musicians, talent agencies, and independent game studios.
Who we are
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Matthew Lal
Worked for #1 🇨🇦 Fast50 in product and growth, worked in startups and a marketing agency in product, operations, and growth.
DSC_6966_edited (1).jpeg
Jonathan Hersh
Worked in one of the largest 🇨🇦 educational institutions in programs and operations.
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Melissa Loewen
Worked in many 🇨🇦. startups including insurance, education, and AI.

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