Digital Product Sampling for Brands

Grow your sales. Find new and repeat customers. Differentiate your brand, expand to new markets. Create a new category.

We’re launching a brand new program that will help you differentiate your brand, improve your product and marketing, give you the insights to expand to new markets and audiences, and find new and repeat customers.
Your target customer needs to feel how your product can improve their life and solve their problems in the comfort of their own home.

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You bring the samples, we handle the rest

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All you need to do is provide your trial or sample SKUs. We can handle the inventory, custom packaging, fulfillment, and digital platform for your analytics and sampling initiatives.

🌐 Creator Network

Where other sampling platforms find audiences that just want free stuff, our audience network is from high performing (20%+ engagement rate) influencers and creators that consumers trust.
We’re partnered with creators on emerging channels like TikTok, that have less than 50k, 50k - 100k, and 100k+ followers.
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🤝 Acquire new customers

Find the right customers that would have never tried your product otherwise. Grow your sales.

📈 Increase customer retention

Audiences referred from influencers and creators are known to be repeat buyers compared to audiences not from creators and influencers (Profitwell).

🎯 Target your audience

Target who exactly you’d like to try your samples by product preferences and interests.

🧠 Gain product insights

Grow your email list. Collect reviews. Understand how to communicate in your other marketing and remarketing campaigns. Improve your product to stand out from your competitors and create new categories.

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