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Dr. Courtney Mullis -English 1101 - Fall 2023 - Georgia Tech

“(Re)Inventing the University”

This section of English 1101 will consider the purposes of a university education, the reasons that people choose to attend university, the utility of general education requirements, and ways to improve universities. Furthermore, we will explore the roles of writing and communication in the university and in your lives after college. Key questions will include: What kinds of writing will you be expected to do in your other courses? How are writing and communication skills beneficial for those pursuing STEM careers? How can improving your writing and communication skills benefit you outside of your academic and professional lives?
This course will help you to improve your critical thinking and composition skills through a variety of individually- and collaboratively-composed projects. While writing is the primary focus of English 1101, this course conceives of written communication as part of a larger WOVEN framework that also includes oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal communication.

Course Sections

Section N - TR 12:30-1:45 - Stephen C. Hall 102
Section D4 - TR 2:00-3:15 - Stephen C. Hall 103
This semester, ENGL 1101 Sections N and D4 are both pilot sections. These and other pilot sections, taught by other Writing and Communication Program instructors, will implement and evaluate a new 1101 curriculum. Therefore, the assignments and learning outcomes in these sections of the course may differ from the course sections in which your peers are enrolled. If you decide to enroll in a different section of the course, please note that pilot sections have a different Common First Week than non-pilot sections.

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