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BIGVU Guest Posts

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BIGVU Guest Posts

Dear Content Writer,
We are excited to receive your guest post. Please read below our content writing guidelines:

Blog Topic-

Blog Topic must be relevant to BIGVU’s audience- related to video creation or small business marketing

Title and Meta description

Please add to your draft a title and meta description (110-160 characters long)


The outline must be shared with us before writing the blog and must include the target keywords and their traffic.

Internal Linking- You must include 7 internal BIGVU links in each blog!

Please make sure to include at least four links that are not from our blog. BIGVU’s website:

External Link

Please add at least one link to an authoritative website, ideally anchored by a statistic or fact (DA 70 or above)
-We never place external links on one of the main keywords (like subtitles, video editing, AI tools)
-We don't allow do-follow links to video editing-related websites/crypto/gambling etc.
-We allow one external link to a DA>35 , DR>70 website

Use of AI

We do not permit the use of AI writers in our blogs. Please include a screenshot from copyleaks when submitting your post.

Personality & Tone : Human & Authentic

Speak our audience’s language. Being simple with our interactions connects us with people on a deeper level. Avoid marketing jargon and technical terms (ctr. open rates, etc)


All images must be compressed to webp


Please view this page , to reflect our key messaging correctly in the blog.
At least one paragraph on the blog should include information about how BIGVU can help the reader accomplish their goals

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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