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BIGVU Guest Posts
BIGVU Guest Posts

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today’s competitive business landscape, if you aren’t investing in video marketing, you are going to be left behind. We believe that everyone deserves to create professional-quality videos without spending a fortune on equipment and production costs. Our goal is to create an end-to-end video marketing platform in which even people with zero tech background can create videos that build their brand and business.
The platform is available as an iOs and Android mobile app as well as a web platform. They each sync seamlessly to each other.


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We created BIGVU so you don't need to spend a ton of time, money and juggle a million apps. In a few steps, you’ll have a professional talking head video that can be shared from right within our platform.
Use the 4S formula: Script, Shoot, Style Share- all on one platform!
After a few short words from the user, the BIGVU AI Magic Writer creates video scripts that suit specific business needs. We’ve used OpenAI GPT, combined with AI algorithms from the video marketing world to create scripts that sound perfect. We've found that video makers who use the Magic Writer:
- are 1.6X more likely to finish a video
- Post 2.3X more often
- Create 2X the number of videos
Rewrite existing scripts or choose from our templates- and fill up your content calendar in minutes!
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Millions of people have used BIGVU to record themselves using our teleprompter. They found the confidence they needed to talk on camera. No stumbling over words, memorizing text, or sticking a piece of paper behind the camera (we've all been there....). Adjust font size, scroll position, and speed to record with confidence. Or, Live stream your video on social media while reading from the teleprompter!

BIGVU is one of the few video editors that includes AI Eye Auto Correct technology. So that even when you are not looking directly at the camera- the AI fixes your gaze- so no one will know!
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Enhance your videos with built-in editing tools, including trimming, transitions, adding overlays, branding, text, music, and graphics.
We make editing simple even for the biggest technophobes:
-WordTrim- Trim your video by choosing words, instead of eyeballing a difficult timeline
-Automatic Subtitles- Generate subtitles from speech in up to 90 languages. Style the captions from designer templates and not with confusing editing tools
-Simple sequencer: Merge takes and add video clips in a simple drag and drop
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Connect your account to up to 20 social media channels. Upload your video and watch as our AI creates the text for the post and resizes the video for each platform. Schedule or share instantly to social channel like TikTok, Instagram. Facebook and Youtube
Or- Create a video landing page in BIGVU! Send it over email for an unforgettable impression.
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✨Work with a team
Collaborate with your teammates on the same videos. Create multiple workspaces, connect dedicated workspaces, and control permissions with guest editors and contributors.
Agencies – Collaborate with multiple clients. Assign a workspace to each customer with their logo and a dedicated media library.
‍Employee Ambassador Programs – Get your script written and reviewed by a colleague automatically right in your app. Share easily videos among your organization.
HR – Create onboarding videos, news updates, and internal announcements.
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