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Here are a number of to-do templates built using tables.
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10/31, 2020

Sketch the game mechanics - under the “Detail Game Mechanics” (5 sketches ideas) - Inventory system

11/8, 2020

Sketch game play - simply scenario (1 minute or 2 game play)
ex: professor ask Moby to get some Helium → how will this be (specific)
Mission scene
Portal door
Game battle level
Battle win / lose
if win → back to the cabin (level up)
if lose → play again
How will the player moving (player movement)
Brakey - how to make a 2D game in Unity

11/19, 2020

Sketch out Player movement (focus on) jumping/elaborate
Flash out “what to collect” - general (rules for collecting things)

12/05, 2020

Sketch out Player movement (Die/Jump/Shoot/Got Attacted /Attact/Idle/Walk/Run/Win)
Rough Sketch for Art Style (health/amo/character/monsters/
World/Environment ( Cave, Valley/Death pits, Sky/Background, Moving items.

12/12, 2020

Finalize player movement ( a rough level - grey boxing level) - level 1 greybox
Watch game development

2/14, 2021

Quill Or Tiltbrush or Microsoft Maquette
Grey boxing for the level
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 11.56.02 AM.png

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