MishMash: Word-based Mafia Party Game (moderator bot for in-person group game)
MishMash: Word-based Mafia Party Game

Intro & how to play


MishMash is a fun and engaging party game for 6+ people who are divided into 2 main teams: (1) “Citizens” and (2) “Mafia” where Citizens are assigned two parts of a secret compound word (for example, “starfish”) such that half of the Citizens only get the beginning word (”star”) and the other half only get the ending word (”fish”).

The goal of Citizens is to eliminate the members of the Mafia through voting until there are none left. Their other goal is to prevent the Mafia from guessing the compound word at the end of the game.

The goal of the Mafia (who do not know either part of the compound word) is to stay alive long enough so that there is a 1-to-1 ratio between Mafia and Citizens still alive. Their other goal is to guess the compound word because even if they all eliminated, they can still win by guessing correctly.

Getting started
If you are the host, make a copy of this doc:
Copy doc
Click “Share” link (top-right) and under “Get link” select “Can edit”
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Share the link with other players
All players (including the host) should join a game by pressing
Join the game!
The game begins when the 1st player, as the “host,” presses
Play game
Players will be randomly assigned their role (either Citizen or Mafia) and Citizens will be given their half of a randomly selected compound word
Mafia players will be instructed to vote on a player (can be either a Citizen or fellow Mafia, majority vote required) to start the 1st round

Game play
Once the Mafia have voted on who will start the 1st round, that player will be instructed to say their clue word followed by the player to their right. Then everyone will go around the circle again repeating the same clue words to make sure everyone is familiar with the clues.
After everyone has said their clue word twice, players are given an opportunity to discuss in order to determine the identity of the Mafia. The strategy of the Citizens is to throw the discussion off and cast doubt on those they suspect are Mafia.
The moderator bot will prompt players to press a button after the discussion has ended.
Elimination Round:
After the discussion, players are instructed to click on the thumbs down 👎 button next to the player below they’d like to eliminate. The first player to receive 2 votes will be sent to the “Chopping Block.”
Once a players is on the Chopping Block, they are given 2 minutes to try and defend themselves by convincing everyone they are not Mafia.
The moderator bot will then instruct players to vote and decide whether they should be eliminated or rejoin the rest of the players to continue playing.
If the player receives a majority of the votes, they will be eliminated. If not, the Elimination Round repeats after another opportunity to discuss.
For testing purposes, you can shorten the timer by enabling Test Mode on the Game Options page. You can also change the rule for the minimum vote count threshold for elimination from majority of players to 2:

How the game ends
The game ends when either (a) the number of living Mafia is equal to the number of living Citizens or (b) when all Mafia are killed. The moderator bot will make the announcement when either of these conditions are met.
In the event that there are an equal number of living Mafia/Citizens, the Mafia wins.
In the event that all the Mafia are killed, they have 3 chances to guess the compound word. If they guess correctly they win but if they fail, Citizens win.
No secret communication is allowed between players, all communication must be publicly shared.
Players who have been eliminated must remain silent through the rest of the game’s discussions and cannot vote.
90 seconds per 3 guesses (moderator can confirm if only half of word is right)

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