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Sage'd Profit-Sharing & Governance via Dynamic Equity

Governance and Profit Sharing are based on dynamic equity shares
But Governance is weighted using a formula to incentivize continued participation and level the playing field so investors don’t take over
Our multipliers for Profit-Sharing
Work and non-cash - 1.5x
Cash Invested 3x
Less then the standard ones in the Slicing Pie Formula because we provide multiple incentive bonuses
Governance is weighted using a formula
The objective is to provide more clout based on
how much work or their own cash they have contributed
multipliers are NOT utilized
so cash and time worked are equivalent
level the playing field
squared root voting power with max
so someone who contributed 1000 times more hours or cash would only get 10x more voting more (since we use square root but max out at 10x multiplier)
semi-recent contributions
rolling-basis of last 3 years
someone who stopped contributing work 3 years ago would have no more voting power
domain-level expertise
commitment level
how many of their commitments have they fulfilled
penalized peeps who take on too much and don’t accomplish it
length of commitment
Number of Hours multiplied by need level
for example

Plus Domain specific multiplier
Shares are distributed via
Estimate the fair market value of the work provided
One share equals $1
Subtract any payments/payouts for that work done
like salary
Bonus shares are provided
staying on for duration
1.[n+1] multiplier - n = number of years involved
so at the end of the first year shares are multiplied by 1.1
Performance Bonus
not a multiplier
based on the surplus that quarter
actual amount/percentage based on governance
only for equity
not all hours and work equal the same amount
so rewarding for making a larger impact
decided by the circles/domains
so mini-governance within
A fixed amount of bonus points are able to be allocated every quarter for work that progressed the mission the furthest
Can be split among individuals

Every share holder must log their hours, including date, start time, end time and notes about what work was done into the official time tracking record. For time logged before this dynamic equity agreement was created it is sufficient to have bulk estimated hours.
a special class designed to deal with founders getting pushed out via investors after putting in so much sweat equity during the uncertain beginnings
Founders share is fractionalized/vested over the first year
only becomes a real share once been there over 12 months
only for those coming in during the first 18 months
from date of inception / invite for co-creators
minimum number of hours per quarter required
must participate at least X% as much as all the rest of the founders
Governance multiplier based on equity-shares
for believing in the Org


How do you count meeting or research time?
Since some people will spend hours bullshitting or just reading websites/books
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