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Agency Decision Making Process

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We created two different frameworks you could follow; one of them is more simple while the second one can be used for more complex decision-making pivots. Both start with instruction around thinking of things as an outcome and then finding at least 3 different alternatives to get to that outcome. You would then add these outcomes to the framework. You can simply make a copy of this document and interact with it at your own convenience.
The . We initially learned about it from and found it extremely useful for our own decision-making.
The is typically used for project planning and is usually documented in a project management tool.
When planning for projects to work on during the current situation, the most important question to ask yourself and keep in mind during your planning process would be “Is this something you’d do even without the pandemic?”. If you find a solution that brings you to your desired outcome, look at the downside and potential negative impacts, and check the box of something you’d do regardless, you should probably do it.
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